Apple iPhone 7 Shaping Up To Be A Beauty

Apple has never been a company to indulge in rumors and unnecessary gossip, but with the release of the latest iPhone 7 around the bend, cyber “Sherlock Holmes” seem to be confident in their findings. While some of the information matches with other reports and leaked photographs, all we can do is make assumptions – until the 7th of September at least. But till then, why can’t we let our imagination go wild? So, here are some of the iPhone 7 features that are currently trending around the online world.

R&D That Doesn’t R or D?

If you are a fan of Apple and are looking forward to a complete makeover for the iPhone 7, you might just have to wait another year. According to the images spotted on countless occasions, the upcoming device looks exactly like its predecessor; the iPhone 6s. Apart from sporting a slimmer body and relocated antennae bands, the 7 will pretty much be a modified 6s.

Don’t Go Jack

Quite obviously the biggest rumor spreading across the world is the exclusion of the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack from the next iPhone. In an effort to make the device slimmer, Apple has decided to let go of one of the handiest features on any smartphone. Users will now have two options; use Bluetooth earphones or get earphones with a lightning port connector. This will definitely bring about new iPhone 7 covers and other accessories for the iPhone 7.

Android Influenced Camera

We don’t really put Android and iPhone on the same page, and we shouldn’t really. But the growing trend of camera technology has probably given Apple the idea of putting in a dual camera lens on the iPhone 7 Plus (or Pro). This radical design will ensure that the iPhone 7 cases will not be able to be used on the previous models, and vice-versa. As usual, the camera quality is expected to be great, but this time, it is expected to bring DSLR kind perfection to the user.

Swimming With The Fishes

We know that Apple has never actually emphasized on its water-resistance technology, but earlier this year, we saw the iPhone 6s and its bigger sibling taking a dip in bowls of water for more than just the “30 minutes” that most companies claim their devices can manage. The upcoming iPhone 7 though, has been strongly advertised with the tag “Water-Resistant”, albeit through rumors and leaks.

Upgrading The Standard

Apple has a funny way of lagging behind while staying ahead in the game. Not making sense? Well, they were probably one of the very few manufacturers last year that actually released a smartphone with a base model housing just 16GB of storage. Yes, it gives people a chance to actually afford an iPhone, but that storage is bound to be exhausted within a few months – maybe even a few weeks (I’m looking at you selfie obsessed people). Luckily, it seems that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 7 with 32GB as its base model. There is even talk of a 64GB standard iPhone 7, but that seems like a bit much.

A Touchy Home Button

Every iPhone we have ever seen or owned has come with a clickable home button, but this time, Apple wants to give its fans something more. So, the latest iPhone 7 could be coming with a home button that integrates their Force Touch technology. So, instead of pressing the button, users will simply have to touch the glass covered area.


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